Supporting You to Achieve Optimum Health Outcomes

 Supporting You to Achieve Optimum Health Outcomes

Taking your medicine regularly, known as ‘adherence’, has been shown to improve the benefits you get from the treatments prescribed for you. But we know it can be challenging for patients to stick to a regular treatment schedule, especially if you’ve got complex healthcare conditions or if you’re finding it difficult to deal with certain types of treatment methods.

That’s why Alcura works closely with healthcare professionals and the companies that make your medicines to develop innovative ways to produce medicines and package them to help patients take them properly. These can include making special formulations of medicines, such as liquids that are easy to swallow, or preparing special mixtures and infusions that reduce the number of injections patients need to have.

Depending on the medicines and the decisions made by each patient’s healthcare provider, we can also produce special packaging that help patients remember when to take their medicines and which medicines to take. Follow-up support can also be provided through our patient management centres.

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