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Established in 1994, Alcura – formerly known as Central Homecare – has over 20 years’ experience in the UK homecare market, providing clinical patient care directly to over 50,000 people in their own community.

Our centralised model enables us to adapt to your requirements, from the provision of a single service in a single country to the provision of multiple services on an international scale.


Did you know that our name Alcura is derived from the Latin word ‘cura’ meaning care? This reflects our dedication to patient care. 

Alcura provides innovative personalised solutions that improve patient care. We work closely with your healthcare provider and the companies that make your medicines to ensure that you can get the best out of your prescribed medicines, and the best possible care at home.

Alcura pharmacy GPhC registration number is 1122546.

CQC provider ID 1-835770502

If you need any further information or have any concerns you would like to escalate independently, please visit the below website(s) for further details:

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC) – www.pharmacyregulation.org
Care Quality Commission (CQC) - www.cqc.org.uk 

•    For patients located in Scotland, Care Inspectorate (CI) - Complaints (careinspectorate.com) 

Services for healthcare companies

Alcura brings solutions that help all those who are involved in developing and delivering innovative medicines, from ensuring that initial clinical trials run smoothly and effectively, through to supporting market access and adding value for patients in ways that enhance the outcomes of your medicines and which drive your corporate goals.

Added-value services for healthcare companies include:


healthcare professionals

Alcura partners with healthcare companies, professionals and organisations to provide innovative personalised solutions that improve patient care and treatment experience.

Whether you are a hospital or retail pharmacist, part of a medical or clinical team, or working for a national health system, we can support you outsourcing patient support services.

Alcura pharmacy GPhC registration number is 1122546.

CQC provider ID 1-835770502.

Helping you to customise care

All healthcare systems are facing common issues in dealing with ageing populations, having to manage rising demand for care within constrained budgets, and adapting to new treatments and new technologies.

Alcura can work with you to understand your individual patients’ needs, and develop relevant healthcare solutions.


Services for healthcare professionals and organizations

At Alcura, we are dedicated to patient care. So the extensive range of services we offer for healthcare professionals and organisations are designed with your patients in mind.

By optimising patient care, we help improve patient treatment adherence and outcomes. This can also lead to increased efficiency and important cost savings for healthcare professionals and organisations.

Alcura’s added-value services for healthcare professionals and organizations include:

Services for Alcura patients

At Alcura, we are dedicated to patient care. We focus on making life easier for you by helping to manage and maintain your health at home. We work in partnership with each of our patient’s healthcare provider to deliver this care.

Personalised nursing support

We aim to keep our services simple for you at a time when your life may be very challenging. Our experienced nurses work with your healthcare provider to understand your personal medical needs, and help optimise your quality of life. 

Clear patient education

Depending on the services requested by your healthcare provider, our trained nurses can prepare your medications and administer them to you at home for easy, reliable care. If you need to self-inject, our nurses can also show you how to safely administer according to your treatment regimen. 

Understanding your own conditions and treatments is a key step in optimising your healthcare. So our nurses can clearly explain these facts to our patients in more detail, and provide educational materials related to their prescribed medicines.

Convenient homecare advice 

As one of our patients, you can also contact our patient services teams to get advice on your Alcura services. 

Alcura’s wide range of patient services includes:



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