Last updated on 8 February 2021

Returns Policy

1. When can I return products?

Products may be returned to Alcura UK: (i) if we make an error in delivery or (ii) if we deliver damaged or faulty products (see below).

2.  How long do I have to return products that Alcura UK has delivered in error?

If you have received a product in error you should contact Alcura UK as soon as reasonably possible and not later than one (1) working day from the date of delivery.  If the product has been incorrectly delivered Alcura UK will provide you with the necessary information and documentation to arrange a collection where applicable.

The products to be returned should be given to the collection agent and returned to Alcura in the timeframes reasonably notified by Alcura to you. 

If you do not contact Alcura within this timeframe we are not obliged to accept returns of products delivered in error or provide a credit.

Products which need temperature controlled storage should be stored in the appropriate temperature controlled conditions whilst in your possession. You must let the collections agent know about the temperature conditions required. 

3.  Returning Faulty or Damaged Products

You may return at any time a product that has been returned by patients as faulty. The allegedly faulty item should be packed separately and reported to us as soon as possible.

In the event of delivery of damaged product(s) for which you believe a refund is due, you shall notify Alcura within one (1) working day of delivery and shall follow the reasonable instructions of Alcura UK. You acknowledge and accept that, before any refund of such products will be made, you may be required to (i) provide photographic evidence to us of the relevant products and (ii) return the product to Alcura UK in accordance with our instructions or safely and lawfully destroy the relevant products and provide us with written confirmation of such destruction.

Each claim must set out the reason for the claim and include:
(i) your name, address and account number;
(ii) the quantity, description, strength and pack size;
(iii) the invoice number and date of the relevant invoice;

(iv) be signed and dated by a person with appropriate authority and include their registration number.

We will provide you with the documentation required to return the product to us, if appropriate, and you should arrange a collection in the timescales instructed by Alcura UK.

Any hazardous products returned should be packaged separately in line with the statutory safeguards which relate to handling hazardous chemicals. You must let the collections agent know, when they come to collect the products, in what way they are hazardous. 

4.  Returning FMD Products

If you receive product that is subject to the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) (i.e. prescription only medicine that has the two safety features, the 2D barcode and anti-tamper device applied) that has been wrongly delivered to you it can only be returned (i) if the anti-tamper device has not be damaged and (ii) the FMD product has not been de-commissioned before being returned by you. If a FMD product is returned and it does not verify on return, we shall not be able to credit you for this returned product.

5.  Recalls

We will only accept medicinal products which are recalled by the manufacturer or product licence holder in line with the specific instructions given at the time of the recall. All products must be packaged separately and clearly identified as returns relating to the product or batch recall. The return claim must give details of the type of recall and, where appropriate, all batch numbers. Credit will be issued by us as authorised by the manufacturer or product licence holder concerned at the time specified by them.

6.  Practical Guidance

For more information about the returns process and how to claim for a refund or notify for missing products, contact Alcura UK customer services on 01604 433 500. 

You must keep a copy of the Alcura UK returns authorisation documentation and the collections agent must sign and date it to acknowledge that the products have been received. We may refuse any claim for credit unless you can provide proof of collection if we ask for it.

Returned products (which are not being returned as recalls, faulty or damaged) must be in perfect original condition, not marked in any way and must not show any sign of having been tampered with.