Patient Training

Training and counselling

As part of Alcura’s complete homecare services, we offer you training and ongoing support if you are taking medications for chronic (long-term) conditions. Our trained nurses are uniquely positioned to help you overcome any concerns around self-injection or home infusions.

Self-injection: building your confidence

During the first month, Alcura nurses will personally show you how to safely self-inject your therapies using pre-filled syringes or pen devices. 
Following this early training, our nurses will help you stay on course with your therapy. They will assess your self-injection techniques when they visit, and answer any questions relating to your treatment. As part of this training, our nurses will also teach you about the effects of your prescribed medicines, including any adverse effects to be aware of.

Understanding your medications

In addition, you will receive patient education packs produced by Alcura, such as leaflets or treatment guidelines, to help you learn more about self-administration of medicines. Our nurses will also give you treatment starter packs and patient information material about your medications, produced by relevant pharmaceutical companies. 

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