Alcura can source high quality, sterile infusions that are compounded for individual patient needs.

We supply an extensive range of suitable infusion pumps to deliver the exact combination, strength and dosage required.

Medicines tailored to patient-specific requirements

Pharmacists can mix multiple medications into a single, pre-filled, infusion device, if required. Using the latest technologies, compounding makes it easier for patients and carers to safely administer medicines outside of the hospital setting.

For example, injectable medicines can be produced in devices that help minimise needle stick injuries. Compounding can also help reduce the total number of injections a patient needs in their treatment regimen.

Paediatric and personalised doses

If needed, Alcura can source compounded bespoke medicines for infants, children or patients with swallowing, speech or cognitive difficulties.

We also arrange the compounding of special treatments (‘Specials’) for compassionate use by patients who rely on discontinued or unlicensed medicines.

Quality and safety

All compounded products are manufactured in facilities compliant with all relevant regulatory and quality accreditations.

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