Patient Access

Patient Access

Through our exclusive access to independent pharmacies in multiple countries, Alcura can help clinical trials sponsors to speed up patient recruitment and drive clinical trials awareness. Our healthcare partners can use our extended patient access to accelerate the medical study process, which can help reduce related time and costs.

Driving patient enrollment

Our network of local pharmacies can also provide their patients with appropriate information, advice, and referral for full evaluation at relevant clinical study centers. This can help drive the enrollment of targeted populations, especially in phase III and IV studies.

Complementary patient-orientated support

Alcura offers complementary patient-orientated support through the integration of services for clinical trials around the study subjects. We can provide expert support that enables to conduct the study at the patient’s home. This includes drug reconstitution and administration, nursing care and drug delivery at the patient’s home. 

We can also provide compounding services for specific group of patients, and help patients to improve treatment and protocol compliance.


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