Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Alcura offers you a broad range of bioanalytical services to validate your clinical trial methods. Backed by Alliance Healthcare corporate group, we are able to draw upon their extensive expertise in method development, analytical optimisation and stability trials.

Develop optimised methods

n close liaison with pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations, we perform method development, method validation and stability trials across a wide spectrum of samples. Our skilled analytical solutions teams can:

  • Develop assays for investigational materials

  • Assess the long-term stability of trial samples

  • Validate methods for sample analysis

  • Provide advice on filing medicinal product dossiers


State-of-the-art technology

We perform these analytical assessments using licensed laboratories and state-of-the-art analytical and classical technologies, along with in-depth microbiology services. By working in partnership with Alcura, you have the assurance of using a trusted provider for specialized healthcare services in Europe.

Outsourcing the bioanalytical services part of your clinical trial to Alcura can also help to reduce your analytical costs.

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