Limited distribution services

Limited distribution services

At Alcura, we know that access and distribution are both critical factors in determining the commercial success of your specialty pharmaceutical products. That’s why we offer limited distribution services for hospital therapies that have high individual unit costs and limited patient populations.

One centralised location

Alcura’s limited distribution services mean that we can hold all the European inventory of your product at one centralised location in Europe, or in your market depending on volumes and local regulations. We can also arrange fast, 24-hour delivery of your products to the local hospitals or clinics that need it.

Better product availability

This service helps to reduce the dispersal of stock that occurs when full-line wholesalers maintain stock at multiple locations across their service center networks. It also reduces stockholding and can give you better control of the supply channel, to help maximize your products’ availability to the right people at the right time.

We are able to advise the best strategy for each market as early as the pre-launch phase.

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