Innovative Brand Support

Innovative Brand Support

Alcura can help your brand stand out in the market, from making it easier for patients to get the medicine to supporting them as they take their treatment. 

Easy administration

We can offer pre-mixed medicines and pre-filled syringes of drugs to help save administration time and encourage patient compliance of your product. All pre-prepared medicines are securely delivered in the correct dosage at the correct time for easy administration by patients or trained nurses.

Innovative technology to maximize adherence

We aim at helping patients getting the best out of their medicines, through the use of technology where appropriate. We also support continuum of care by helping clinical teams to receive feedback on their patients.

Our innovative solutions across Europe include:

  • remote trackers for temperature and adherence

  • text messaging and applications to remind patients to take their therapies

  • pre-packed monitoring dosage systems (MDS) in clearly labeled blister packs and customised healthcare packaging on a strip (‘Baxtering’) 

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