Introduction to Self-Booking system

Introduction to Patient Self-Booking

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The new Patient Self-Booking puts patients in control as it enables you to:  

  • Choose a delivery slot when your medication is delivered at a time that is most is suitable to you;

  • Request clinical waste for collection;

  • Request a travel letter.

This service is both confidential and convenient for the patient and you can book your medication from a laptop, tablet or smart phone at a location most suitable for you.

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All the information you need to get started

How to Register for Alcura’s Patient Self-Booking System


  • What happens if i miss my delivery?
    If you are going to miss your delivery it is advisable to call the Alcura patient services team as soon as possible. Missing frequent delivery bookings may mean you being removed from the self-booking service.

  • When I log on no details are displayed?
    If when you log into the system the home screen does not load correctly, please click on Book My Delivery at the top of the screen. This should then display the left hand list of actions.

  • My registration failed?
    If your registration fails, you may attempt again. It is important to register with the same details that Alcura holds for your records. If, in replacement of first name and surname you have a clinic number of reference number you will need to apply these numbers into the first name and surname fields to complete registration. If your registration continues to fail, please contact the Patient Services Team who will be happy to assist.

  • My password is not working?
    If you password is not working, please re-attempt. If your re-attempts fail then you will need to re-set your password. This can be done by clicking Forgot Password on the log in screen. Please follow the steps until your password has been re-set allowing you to log in.

  • I haven’t received my PIN?
    Your pin number should be received on the mobile phone you have entered during the first page of registration. Please check that your mobile is appropriate reception coverage to receive messages otherwise there may be a delay in it reaching your phone. If you fail to receive your PIN please re-attempt the registration process.

  • My PIN is not working?
    Your PIN number will be a unique code, if you enter your PIN and the system fails to move to the next screen please make sure that your wifi or network connection is working. You can request a new PIN to be sent by completing the registration process again, if this fails to work please contact Alcura Patient Services.

  • I have not received my link to set up my password?
    Your link will be sent to the email address you have provided as part of your registration to the system. If it has not arrived please make sure;
    - Your device has correct network coverage to receive emails.
    - The email address you have provided is correct.
    - You can re-attempt registration if you do not receive your link.

  • I don’t agree to the terms of use?
    The terms of use must be agreed for patients wishing to use Patient Self-Booking. If you do not agree with the terms of use please contact Alcura who will disable your use of Patient Self-Booking and continue to arrange your deliveries by phone.

  • Can I update my email address?
    You can update your email address by clicking on your account icon on the system and selecting Change Email. Please follow the instructions to update. Your new email address will replace all communication that would been sent to your previous email address

  • Can I add / change a delivery address?
    Changes or additions of delivery addresses must be done within our patient management system. All changes must be administrated by Alcura Patient Services Team, please call them on 0800 980 0686. If you wish for a delivery to be sent to a neighbouring address you must have this address added to your record by a Patient Services Advisor.

  • I need to change my delivery date / time?
    Changes to your delivery date and time must be done by Alcura Patient Services Team, please call them on 0800 980 0686. Alcura require 48 hours’ notice prior to your delivery date to make any changes. If you are going to miss a delivery date or time, please notify Alcura Patient Services Team immediately.

  • I have entered incorrect stock check?
    The stock check may determine when your next delivery is available for you to arrange and therefore must be as accurate as possible. If the stock check you have provided when arranging your delivery is incorrect, please call Patient Services Team to update any changes on 0800 980 0686.

  • My personal data is incorrect?
    Changes to your personal data must be done within our patient management system. All changes must be administrated by Alcura Patient Services Team, please call them on 0800 980 0686.

  • There is no delivery to book on my on line account?
    If there is no delivery to book and you require medication / consumables, please contact the Patient Services Team on 0800 980 0686.

  • Can I request a travel letter?
    You can request a travel letter through Patient Self-Booking by clicking on the left hand Requests tab. Click on Travel Letter and complete the steps on the system.

  • What details are needed for registration?
    To register onto the Patient Self-Booking you will be required to give your;
    1) First Name
    2) Surname
    3) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
    4) Post Code (as detailed on your patient registration form)
    5) Mobile Number
    6) E-Mail address

  • How can I check my deliveries?
    You can check your previous and current deliveries via the Delivery History tab on the left hand side of home screen. This will confirm the details and status of your delivery, To view the medication / consumables within this delivery click on the Clinic & Therapy Line.

  • I have forgotten my username?
    Please call the Alcura Patient Services Team on 0800 980 0686.

  • Can I add a special request for the courier?
    Yes, Please call the Alcura Patient Services Team on 0800 980 0686 who can add a message. We are not able to add messages requesting delivery’s to other address / left with neighbour or in a secure location. All products need to be delivered in person to a specific address.

  • How can I be removed from Patient Self-Booking?
    In order to be removed from the online service, please contact the Patient Services team on 0800 980 0686 who can remove you. We will continue to communicate with you via previous channels.

 Get in touch


Patient Services Team, please call:

0800 980 0686


8:00am to 6:30pm Monday – Friday

9:00am to 1:00pm Saturday


If you experience any side effects or product quality issues, please contact Alcura on 0800 980 0686. You can also contact Alcura by email at

If you have a problem which is not covered above in the first instance please call Alcura Patient Services team.